What is Calciver?

CALCIVER is an amorphous calcium product, the bioavailability of which, due to its composition and form, significantly exceeds that of modern calcium food supplements.

Most calcium supplements contain crystalline forms of calcium with a small surface area, low solubility and limited bioavailability. They are actively absorbed mainly in the upper intestinal tract (duodenum). Amorphous calcium consists of microscopic particles that are better absorbed due to their small size. Smaller particles have a larger surface area, which provides a higher level of solubility. As a result, amorphous calcium dissolves tens (even hundreds) times better than crystalline calcium carbonate and is more efficiently absorbed throughout the intestinal tract.

What makes CALCIVER different from other calcium supplements:

-       This product has formulation that is quite unusual for calcium - it is a mild cream which reminds of a cream or paste.

-       Also the content of this substance is extraordinary - it is a composition of calcium carbonate, citrate, hydro citrate, etc.;

-       the calcium salts found inside are stored in amorphous form with particles so small that they are close to nano particles.

-       According to laboratory tests, calcium found in Calciver® has 130% better absorption rate than alternatives in the market.

We have released two types of the product.

Calcivercontains general formula for adults, children and pregnant women

Calciver Plus - contains formula for adults requiring greater bone mineralization capabilities (i.e. for creating and maintaining bone tissue which is very important when suffering from Osteoporosis). It contains natural herbal additives to be more effective.

Calcium (Ca)

Speaking about this mineral, the first association arises with bone and dental health.

But this important trace element not only provides skeletal strength and healthy teeth, it is necessary for our muscular activity, hormonal and nervous system, blood clotting and immunity. Ca enhances nail and hair vitality.

The extremely important biological role of calcium determines the need to constantly take it with food and nutritional supplements. If Ca absorption process is impaired, the necessary blood calcium level is maintained by extracting it from the bone tissue, which eventually leads to damage (i.e. osteoporosis).

To prevent this, the food must contain the necessary amount of calcium and vitamin D3, which regulates both - the absorption of calcium in the intestine and the mineralization of bones and teeth. Children are particularly sensitive to calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency: they may develop rickets.

Our modern diets and lifestyle often result in low calcium intake (primary deficiency) or people often have complication with calcium absorption (secondary deficiency).

There is a wide range of calcium products and Vitamin D3 combinations available on the market (mostly, developed on the basis of calcium carbonate, a.k.a. chalk). Unfortunately, these products do not include all the necessary and naturally available forms of calcium which are normally found in food - carbonates, phosphates, citrates, lactates, etc., which are crucial for our body. Our body is developed to absorb calcium from several forms of the element and then maintain the necessary level in the cells.

The main problem with existing calcium products is that they contain only one to two forms of calcium and, therefore, have insufficient composition of the element for human body to effectively absorb it.

In 2018, in Riga, was launched mass production of the next generation calcium product Calciver, which has so far the greatest bioavailability exceeding the rate of currently sold calcium products.